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Computer-Aided Food Processes for Control Engineering (CAFE)

Coordinator: UCL, Belgian University
Received Grant: MÄ 5,5
Overall score: 14/15

Evaluators comments:

The management structure is described in sufficient detail and is logical, transparent, and flexible.

The configuration of management is simple but effective with very clear responsibilities, just as the hierarchical structure and the envisaged procedures are well suited to reach the objectives.†

The sub-contraction of the every day management to a SME with large experience in managing European projects and specialized own software (PIQS) for this job is welcomed, since it saves the scientific coordinator more time for real S/T problem solving.

New knowledge-based higher performance for micro-scale applications.

Coordinator: UK University
Requested Budget: MÄ 5
Project Management score: 3.8/5

Networked businesses and governments.

Coordinator: Slovak SME
Requested Budget: MÄ 3,8
Project Management score: 3.5/5

Technology-enhanced learning and access to cultural heritage.

Coordinator: German SME
Requested Budget: MÄ 4,5
Project Management score: 4/5

Quality and Safety - Environmental Health Risks

Coordinator: Belgian University
Received Grant: MÄ 15
Overall score: 23.5/25

Evaluators comments:

The quality of organisation and management of this NoE is exceptionally high. New tools and ideas are proposed that could, from the aspect of organisation and management, hopefully will guarantee a successful NoE. The application indicates there is a strong recognition in the need for excellence in management of such a large network and there has been extensive thought put into planning of the necessary components.

The management strategy is one of the highlights of the project because it is coherent and demonstrates a professional approach.

Large collaborative project in FOOD (complete)




Network of Excellence in FOOD

References: European funded Projects

Your Partner in Project Management

Technology Assessment in Tele-Neuro-Medicine.
Accompanying Measure in the framework of DG.XIII Telematics Application Programme, sector healthcare.

Coordinator: Assistance Publique Ė HŰpitaux de Paris (France)

Road Administrations Data Exchange Format.
An R&D project launched by the Western Europe Road Directors and funded by EC† (DG.VII - Transports)

Coordinator: The Walloon Ministry of Equipment and Transport (Belgium)

RADEF (complete)

TASTE (complete)

Road Information Management Euro-System.
An R&D project concerning Road Databases and funded by EC DG.XIII in the framework of the DRIVE initiative.

Coordinator: The Ministry of Public Works (Belgium)

Medical Images Integration for Multimedia European Databases Interconnection and Common Access.
A project in the framework of DG.XIII Telematics Application Programme, sector healthcare.

Coordinator: Olympus Software Europe (Germany)

MediMedia (complete)

RIMES (complete)

Auditing of SMEís in the framework of the EC DG.XXIII initiative to assist SMEís in participating in the 4th Framework Programme.

Coordinator: CIME Management Training (Belgium)

Euromanagement (complete)

Food Refrigeration Innovations for Safety, Consumersí Benefit, Environmental Impact and Energy Optimisation along the Cold Chain in Europe (FRISBEE)

Coordinator: CEMAGREF, French research center
Received Grant: MÄ 6
Overall score: 14/15

Evaluators comments:

The proposed management structure is very good and appropriate for providing very good communication with the minimum of management layers. The large number of partners should therefore be well managed.

Large collaborative project in FOOD (complete)

Environmentally Low Impact Cooling Technology(ELICiT)

Coordinator: Whirlpool R&D Italy
Received Grant: MÄ 2,2
Overall score: 13,5/15

Collaborative project in ENVIRONMENT (complete)

Innovation action in Low Carbon Energy


Developing Cryogenic Energy Storage at Refrigerated Warehouses as an Interactive Hub to Integrate Renewable Energy in Industrial Food Refrigeration and to Enhance PowerGrid Sustainability† (CryoHub)


Coordinator: LSBU (London South Bank University)

Received Grant: MÄ 7

Overall score: 12/15

Horizon 2020

Innovation action in waste management



A Decentralised Management Scheme for Innovative Valorisation of Urban Biowaste

Coordinator: IRSTEA a French Research Centre
Received Grant: MÄ 7.75
Overall score: 12/15



Horizon 2020