One mission: to assist the Project Managers over the full lifecycle of your H2020 project:

⇒ Proposal Preparation Phase

• Assistance in the Constitution of the consortium (search for partners),

• Preparation of the meetings,

• Preparation of the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding to fix the rules between the applicants),

• Preparation of the budget,

• Management of the EPSS information,

• Preparation of the Consortium Management part of the proposal, including IPR and risks,

• Check of the proposal content.


⇒ Proposal Negotiation Phase

• Preparation of the Consortium Agreement and IPR rules,

• Negotiation of the contract with the Commission.


⇒ Project Administration Phase

• Elaboration of the Quality Manual of the project,

• Monitoring and reporting of the progress of the project,

• Quality Control of the Deliverables,

• Preparation of the contractual reports for the Commission,

• Management of the finance of the project,

• Risks management,

• IPR management.



Involvement in the project :

According to the H2020 rules, PSUtec will act as a Contractor. Within the Project Office PSUtec assists you in the supervision and technical coordination of your project.


Financial conditions :

We have a very pragmatic and flexible approach, adapted to your needs and requirements.

⇒ Proposal Preparation Phase

We offer a service “ΰ la carte”. With you we evaluate your actual knowledge of the EC rules of participation as well as your expectations. Based on this information we propose a fixed price contract. In most cases our participation is even free of charge.

⇒ Project Supervision Phase

Considering our involvement condition, PSUtec’s participation will be fully funded by the Commission grant and will therefore be free of charge for the Consortium.


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